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Port Coquitlam Current Real Estate Listings MLS

Blog by Rod & Rhea Hayes | May 27th, 2013

Currently Port Coquitlam has 185 apartments and condominiums for sale:
Birchland Marnor 2

Central Port Coquitlam 139
Glenwood 40
Mary Hill 4 (Parkview Lane!)

There are 129 townhomes for sale:
Birchland Manor 4
Central Port Coquitlam 20
Citadel 33
Glenwood 18
Lincoln Park 3
Oxford Heights 1
Riverwood 41
Woodlawn Acres 4

There are 2 half duplexs for sale.  One in Lower Mary Hill and Birchland Manor.

There are 2 full duplexs for sale.  One in Birchland Manor and Central PoCo.

There are 162 single detached homes for sale in Port Coquitlam.  From new construction to resale.  Basement entry, ranchers, split entry, two level and three level, full basement, part basement, with suites.  Some requiring full renovations and lots ready to go and already renovated.

Birchland Manor 7
Central Port Coquitlam 11
Citadel 27
Glenwood 33
Lincoln Park 8
Mary Hill 14
Oxford Heights 17
Riverwood 29
Woodlawn Acres 8
Lower Mary Hill 8

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