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Port Coquitlam Gathering Place

Blog by Rod & Rhea Hayes | January 9th, 2012

If you are interested in a little "unplugged" entertainment with like minded individuals, head down to the Gathering Place for the Crossroads Hospice Coffeehouse series. Doors open at 7pm, open stage 7:30pm, feature performer 9pm. Check-out the complete schedule below. Have a GREAT evening!!

Coffeehouse - Crossroads Hospice Society

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For over twelve years local musicians from across the Lower Mainland have joined us to help raise funds and awareness for the Crossroads Inlet Centre Hospice. Today our "Unplugged at the Crossroads Hospice Coffeehouse" series is set in a causal atmosphere centered on acoustical performances from a wide range of musical genres.

The Gathering Place
1100 - 2253 Leigh Square, Port Coquitlam
$5 admission at the door
Doors open at 7:00 pm
Open stage 7:30 pm
Feature performer 9:00pm
For more information, please contact info@crossroadshospice.bc.ca

There are many spots available for open stage performers.
Email wrmarshall@shaw.ca if you'd like to perform.


Here's the 2012 schedule and performer bios for your review:

  • January 13 - Land of Deborah
    The Land of Deborah is an independent artist with a unique take on life, love and the pursuit of fair trade chocolate. Her songs are a cornucopia of feel good, infectious songs, sprinkled with quiet moments of introspection and emotional revelations. It is personal, eclectic and downright fun. Visit www.thelandofdeborah.com for more information.

  • January 27 - Highrise Lonesome
    Led by Sue Malcolm, Highrise Lonesome takes the traditional sound of mountain music uptown! With a passion for bluegrass, soaring vocal harmonies and some of the hottest pickin' in these parts, this group of seasoned musicians has developed an unmistakable sound that audiences love. Visit them at www.highriselonesome.com

  • February 10 - Pearl
    Kathy Francis and Andrea Smith perform a variety of different styles of music with many different instruments. Their tight harmonies and infectious warmth will touch your heart and tickle your funny bone.

  • February 24 - Chapter 11
    Chapter 11 are annual "Crossroads regulars" and have finally just finished their first CD after over 30 years together… aptly named "Overdue Collection". New hits and old favourites, sung with harmonies to enhance Blues, Pop, Folk and Rock. You can expect more of a show than just songs, more entertainment than music, and more fun!

  • March 9 - John Lyon Band
    John Lyon, Antonia Robertson, and Mary Sparks. Scintillating vocals. Tuneful harmonies. Mellifluous and nimble instrumentals. Contemporary folk. Blues. American Songbook Jazz. Guaranteed to satisfy both young and old. 'Nuff said.

  • March 23 - Fraser Union
    The members of Fraser Union have been singing and playing songs about our region for over two decades. Their six recordings, performances at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Vancouver Island Musicfest, countless benefit concerts, folk clubs, and picket lines have made them familiar and loved by West Coast audiences. They accompany their songs with guitars, mandolins, and dobro. Prepare to sing on the choruses.

  • April 13 - Steve Alexander & Liz
    Steve, with wife Liz, are really funny and musically amazing. Like Steve told me: "Last night, Liz and I went out to a bar and there was a drunk and worn out older couple sitting across the bar from us. I said to Liz, "That's us in 10 years." Liz said, "Steve, you dummy, that's a mirror!" And some superb flat-picking coming your way, too.

  • April 27 - Rob Sheridan
    Rob Sheridan is half of the duo, Chapter 11 and a long-time Crossroads regular. As a solo performer, you'll still get some comedy songs, a few stories and perhaps the occasional sharper edge electric sound… depending on his choice of guitar weaponry for the set. You'll know the songs, but maybe not the twist he can put on folk, pop, blue and a rock tune or two.

  • May 11 - Port na Gael
    Port na Gael (or, more correctly, Port na nGael for students of Irish grammar), means tune of the Gael, and that's exactly what this four-piece group plays – mostly Irish most of the time. From four-part harmonies to spirited reels, their focus is on traditional music with vitality, sometimes updated by original arrangements, but always true to its roots. The occasional foray into Canadian, Scottish and English songs provides a folk influence to the lively mix.

  • May 25 - Brighter Lights, Thicker Glasses
    Book your babysitters, prepare your pets, and mark your calendars for a concert of eclectic proportions. Brighter Lights Thicker Glasses is a merry trio of fun guys- all vocalists -based in Vancouver with Michael Dunn (5 different stringed instruments), Brian Samuels (cello with attitude), and John Palmer (guitar and percussion).