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Port Coquitlam: Going Green

Blog by Rod & Rhea Hayes | February 23rd, 2012

Port Coquitlam resident's recycling, green waste collection outpacing garbage


Port Coquitlam residents are increasingly using their recycling and green bins rather than throwing their waste in the garbage, according to a city staff report.

Gord Voncina, the manager of operations, said the amount of recycling tonnage collected in 2011 was up 4.3% over 2010, while green waste tonnage increased 6.3%. Regular garbage increased by only 3.1%.

"The city experienced an increase in the amount of residential solid waste set out for collection," he said. "The increase reflected growth in the city's population as well as greater use of the recycling and green waste composting services as compared to garbage disposal."

Overall, residents with city waste collection recycled 3,484 tons in 2011 compared to 3,338 in 2010. The city collected slightly more green waste (5,376 tons) than garbage (5,348 tons) for a total collection tonnage of 14,207.

In 2011 garbage made up 37.7% of the overall waste stream, while green bins accounted for 37.8% and recycling made up 25.5%.

The city has been promoting its "How's Your Waste-line" campaign, encouraging residents to use their recycling and green waste bins.

Diverting trash from the landfill is not only better for the environment, staff said, it can save the municipality money. Tipping fees per ton for garbage is increasing in Metro Vancouver at a higher rate than green waste and recycling disposal fees.

The fact that recycling and green collection is increasing at a greater rate than garbage could be in part attributed to several initiatives launched by the city in 2010.

A dozen schools in Port Coquitlam now receive green and blue cart service and the kitchen scraps program has expanded to include eight multi-family residents.